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Company: Trade company in fruit
Region: Rotterdam area

Based in the Rotterdam area is a company which is part of a strong, foreign family-owned trading company.  The Dutch subsidiary adds to the product groups: mango, avocado, limes, ginger and grapes. For this company, MovetoCatch is looking for a:

Purchaser – Sales(wo)man of Fruit

Running ‘your own’ business, your way

The position:

  • You contract new suppliers, strengthen product lines, and add new product lines;
  • The products can be sold to existing customers, but you will be searching for new customers as well, in central
  • European countries. Importing wholesalers, packers, wherever you see promising opportunities;
  • You buy the products, sell the fruits and you will constantly be in contact with suppliers and customers;
  • Step by step, you build a network of producers and a clientele to whom you adding value;

The criteria:

  • You have experience in purchasing / selling and maybe even specifically in the sourcing of fruit;
  • You know the ins and outs of the business, how it works: what to do and not to do when it comes to selling fruit, making money;
  • You are expected to be in a fair, normal manner with producer vendors;
  • That means that you need to look closely at which suppliers can add in any regions;
  • You are familiar with the quality specifications of the mayor European retailers.
  • Languages:  Dutch, English, Preferable French and or Spanish.
  • You are familiar with the administrative process related to the import and export of fruit.
  • You are team player.

For example, what do you do now and why to change:

  • You are employed at another AGF company, but the organization may be too big;
  • You work at another company in the fruits business and you are interested in a financially strong party;
  • You are doing well elsewhere, but the ability to run a business the way you think wisely, seems like a good
  •    opportunity;
  • You know yourself and you know what you can, you don’t have enough money or you don’t want to bet on it; that’s why this job suits you;
  • In a company, determine your own route and pace, work with fun, and balance your personal life;

The offer:

  • The possibility of running your own fruit import and export company as part of a small team.
  • Build space, time, and freedom to shape your own business into your insights;
  • With this the opportunity to earn a good salary with bonus for the result you generate;
  • Premium-free pension, WIA insurance, company car, phone and lap top;
  • The opportunity with pleasure, free from a "fired" atmosphere, with some peace of mind: to do your work;
  • Product lines or customers "do not need" time + resources are available in 1-3 years to build;
  • Nice team of skilled colleagues, pleasant collegial atmosphere, trust given to you;

The Company:

  • Where the company previously operated as a transit port for some import lines, the company has now developed unique product lines in fruit and expanded the customer package;
  • The Dutch company serves commercial companies, customers in the Netherlands and in several Central European countries, generating a nice turnover and achieving a net profit;
  • The company has logistics activities with a service provider; the team can focus on its core activities: sourcing, purchasing and selling;
  • The small involved professional team includes the entrepreneurial co-operating director / team leader from 3 people acting commercial and financial / administrative and assistant;
  • The company has a good name, is known as reliable and works with own money;
Interested? Knowing more? Get acquainted? Send your CV and motivation and / or questions to or call: 06-52601456.
For more information and our job offerings, visit:

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