"Eet koekjes en verander de aarde"

Tjebbe van Meeteren van het biologische koekjesmerk Farm Brothers is trots bij het zien van de eerste bewegende beelden voor de 'Make Soil Matter-campagne'. Dit meldt hij op LinkedIn.

"EAT COOKIES, CHANGE THE EARTH" Proud to see the first moving images in GIF format of Farm Brothers about how buying our cookies directly saves 20cm2 of earth, forever! Over a year ago, the 'buy a pack of Farm Brothers, save a piece of soil' was just an idea and now it is out there and we are above all informing tens of thousands of people about the growing problem of degrading soil all around the world and how changing to organic farming can lead to healthy soil, forever! If we do not change our farming system, it is estimated there are only 60 years of harvests left according to the United Nations. Our partner Stichting Grondbeheer BD Landbouw is doing great work in converting more and more land from conventional to organic farming. hopefully they will soon be able to buy a 1000 hectares at a time when the general public and pension funds will understand the importance of healthy soil for current and future generations."

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Bron: LinkedIn


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